The Process

Trailer & truck

The medical truck and trailer manufacturing process is specialized and requires operational expertise to deliver the optimal set up to maximize your profits.

In order to design the perfect truck, we take the time to understand your service, operations, volume, and expected revenue.  Attention to detail is critical and we love details.  Our primary goal is to build a world-class mobile business that enhances your brand’s identity and requirements.

Before we manufacture a medical truck or trailer, we have a team of consultants, operators and engineers define and design the operational flow of the unit to ensure maximum efficiency.  After all, your medical truck is your primary workspace and the internal design is key to its success.

Thanks to our background in medical truck operations and a wealth of experience, we have a head start in our field.  We know what it takes to build a mobile clinic that maximizes your turnover.  We understand branding.  We share your passion for great medical service.  Above all, our ultimate desire is to see your mobile business succeed.

The process of choosing a medical truck

In order to choose the right food truck for you, you need to take the following into consideration:

  • Have a concrete concept that to support your branding
  • Choose the right truck or trailer for your requirement
  • Select the appropriate size based on the space requirement for your concept
  • Finalize the equipment specs based on both your budget and the potential locations for your business
  • Design layout, MEP, drainage and specification for each
  • Select both your interior and exterior finishes
  • Understand your business inside out and upside down
  • Licensing
  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Start operating

Sample floor plans

The design, layout and operational flow of your mobile clinic is absolutely critical to the success of your operation.

Below are sample floor plans designed for working efficiently out of a compact space without compromising on employee wellbeing or speed of operation.

The right design and layout can have such a positive impact on your revenue line.  Our medical trucks are never simply thrown together.  They are carefully thought through and designed to ensure operational efficiency, employee and customer satisfaction.

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